Water Bar & Public Studio is a bar that serves free tap water. We're also an art space, a social hub, and an incubator of collaborative projects on water and the ways it connects and sustains us.


New Storefront coming fall 2017!

Located in the heart of northeast Minneapolis, our new location will be home to exhibitions, public programs, an art and book shop, and collaborations of all kinds. 



Water Bar & Public Studio
2518 Central Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, MN, 55418


We are temporarily CLOSED while we renovate and relaunch a new storefront space - stay tuned!


Email: hello[at]water-bar[dot]org
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Upcoming storefront events

Upcoming Pop-ups


Creative Services

Our creative services are designed by artists with over a decade of experience in public engagement and facilitation. We work with neighborhood organizations, small businesses, cities and government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, environmental nonprofits, high schools and colleges, art museums, and more.


Water Bar pop-ups

Bring the fun and engaging Water Bar experience to your organization, conference, festival, private or public event. Customize with additional service offerings.

Speaking and Facilitation

Our presentations and facilitated workshops offer inspiration to a range of professionals in the public and private sector looking to tap into their creativity and develop more effective collaborations.



In addition to our creative services, we work in partnership with cultural organizations, educators, researchers, and government agencies across the country to develop unique projects that bring artists and designers together with scientists and environmental advocates. These are some of our more recent projects.




Our network of Water Tenders serve water at Water Bar Pop-ups across the region, help run our storefront in NE Minneapolis, and participate in other creative community projects and programs. Sign up below and we'll add you to our monthly volunteer dispatch, which contains information about upcoming opportunities. You decide what works with your schedule. We host regular meet-ups at our storefront for new volunteers.




Camille Erickson
Twin Cities Daily Planet
October 27, 2016

Water Bar... now serves as a rare community incubator for conversation around environmental injustice, water access, pollution and community development.


Building relationships — and a water ethic — that we can all live with

February 28, 2016

The issue is not who needs water (we all do) or for what purpose (nearly every purpose), the issue is that even in the land of 10,000 lakes there is only so much water, and it’s preferable for life and living if we keep it clean. The real questions, if we’re being honest, seemed to be: How much pollution and overconsumption will we tolerate? How will we meet these goals? Who decides and who pays for it?