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Workshop: Four Things About Treaties and Water

How did treaties between the U.S. government and native nations change the relationships between people and the natural world on this continent?

What are the implications of treaties today for people and water? 

Join scholar Marty Case for a discussion on the social, political, and business connections that drove treaty making, as well as ways that treaties matter today, including connections between treaties and the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. After a short presentation and questions, we will break into small discussion groups to talk about how treaties, and the narratives behind treaties, influence all of our lives and relationships. This is a free workshop, everyone is welcome. We will have water, water is all we have.


Marty Case researches the networks of people and businesses that represented the U.S. in treaties with American Indian groups. His work challenges the “master narrative” that shapes many assumptions about United States history and identity. He has also worked as Director of Development and Planning for a state-wide arts organization, and as writing and planning consultant to 45 widely diverse organizations in the fields of art, culture, education, social service, religion, and politics.