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Hydrating & Gyrating with YO MAMA (Amoke Kubat)

Artist and cultural organizer Amoke Kubat, founder of 'YO MAMA - The Mothering Mothers Institute' will host this gathering at Water Bar & Public Studio

"In the presence of Yemoja, Osun and Oys come learn about the importance of water and staying hydrated (flowing like water) and gyrated (moving liquid energy through our bodies) for personal and collective community self care!

Participants will sip delicious and healthy drinks made with fruit and water, will share stories and wisdom, and will create a space for African Dancing with cloth, and for creating bead waist jewelry to accent our grace and beauty!

Bring African Fabric for body wrapping, drums, and other musical instruments!

ASE O! Please RSVP!"

This event is free, though donations will be accepted in support of YO MAMA. To inquire about free childcare, please contact us.