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Case Studies

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Nationally recognized arts and culture strategies for water and climate.

Water Bar & Public Studio has been featured in the two national studies on arts and environment collaborations. Beyond Water Bar, both documents daylight the value that artists bring to water and environmental work.


Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture by US Water Alliance

“One of the most significant outcomes of Water Bar is how it has transformed the ways in which public officials, water utilities, scientists, environmental organizations, engineers, and other institutions interact with the public they serve and with each other. Through arts and cultural approaches, Water Bar is transforming the way the public perceives, understands, and connects to water.”



Farther, Faster, Together by ArtPlace America

“Cognitive scientists now confirm Water Bar’s intuition that getting people to connect with issues and each other on a personal and emotional level is how opinions and behavior are really shaped and changed. Water Bar, like many art experiences, meets people on the level of identity, values, vulnerabilities and emotions.”