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Artful workspace for the environmental community


Inspire conversation and build awareness of the value of water!

Bring Water Bar to your next professional conference, community festival, or other public event! We work with businesses, nonprofits, schools, public agencies, and other organizations to create pop-up Water Bar experiences that meet public engagement and storytelling goals.

This award-winning project has served water and information about water sources to over 80,000 people across the United States. Our artists have worked in partnership with over 75 organizations, and 500 volunteers. We can adapt to almost any setting, changing our menu and messages to connect with local issues or current events.

When you hire a Water Bar pop-up, we bring a fun social space and all the equipment needed to serve drinking water and engage people in memorable conversations. A typical Water Bar pop-up includes a custom menu of drinking waters tailored to your event, information about the value of that water, and ways to take action to protect it.

Additional education workshops or hands-on art activities can be added to the standard Water Bar experience, deepening engagement and providing unique take-aways for visitors. Use our contact form to start a conversation about your next event!

Water Bar is one of the best ways I’ve found to engage with the public and have conversations about water. The unique concept draws people in, gets them thinking about water, and helps them open up and share their thoughts and questions about water. It’s a hit.
— Stew Thornley, Trustee, Minnesota Section - American Water Works Association


What We Provide

When you hire a basic Water Bar pop-up, we bring all of the elements of a social space to your event, including a customized menu of drinking waters and at least one Water Bar “Water Tender” to serve your guests. We can also work with you to provide training for your staff or volunteers to step behind the bar, sharing your message over tasting flights of water.

Variations & Add-Ons

Additional activities and services can be provided along with our basic Water Bar pop-up, including pre-event workshops for your staff or volunteers, hands-on activities led by artists, or additional storytelling prompts or projects.


Fees for our Water Bar pop-up vary depending on the type and duration of your event, the number of people served, and the size and purpose of your organization. Use the button below to submit a pop-up request! We’ll respond as soon as possible with any questions, providing you with a customized quote.