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A welcoming space for artists and creative people of all kinds.

Our storefront Public Studio is an accessible and nurturing creative space for artists and others to experiment, collaborate, exhibit or perform artistic work - or to simply build relationships with others who are passionate about water, place, and environment.

Artistic Programs & Residencies

At this time, we do not have curatorial or program staff, nor formalized artistic programs and residencies.

What we do have is a flexible storefront space on a busy street less than a mile from the Mississippi River. Our storefront is designed to house visual art exhibitions, media projects, dance/movement workshops and performances, and community-oriented events. We are open to ideas about how this space can be activated through the work of artists!

Currently, we are working to plan 4 exhibitions per year, with visiting curators.

We also have a small retail shop where we sell artist-made posters, books, and other objects that explore relationships to water, place, ecology, or environmental justice. To sell your work at Water Bar, send us a note or stop by with examples during open hours.

In addition to these resources and platforms, our Co-Directors are all practicing artists with years of experience developing and leading artistic projects with and in community. We're committed to sharing what we know - and learning too - with the artists and others who visit and work with Water Bar & Public Studio.    

I'm an artist, How do I get involved or share my work?

The best way to get involved in the creative life and community at Water Bar & Public Studio is to show up for things that are happening. Our calendar lists public events and programs we have planned - don't be shy!

We host a weekly Open Studio for artists every Wednesday; As well as regular movement workshops for dancers and those who curious about dance. You can participate directly with artists who are leading projects and programs, or witness from a seat at the bar. Visiting Water Bar during our regular Open Hours is also a great time to chat with our Co-Directors and volunteers, and to share ideas you're interested in bringing into the space. 

Once you've got a feel for the space and community at Water Bar, we welcome proposals of all types that utilize the space, our cross-sector network, or the resources we've gathered here. As Co-Directors, our specific passions vary, but we all share an interest serving water, creating opportunities for skill-sharing and public education, and supporting the development of new ideas and artistic projects.

I'm interested in an internship with Water Bar! What do I do?

While we don't have a formal internship program, we're always open to hosting interns, apprentices, and volunteer artists who would like to work in a more focused and durational way with Water Bar artists or projects. If you would like to inquire about an internship, send us a letter of interest and any supporting information about you and your internship goals. We'll take it from there!


If you have specific questions or ideas to share, send a note to shanai [at] water-bar [dot] org, or use this form to say hello!