Investor Profile: Jennifer Arave & Patrick Riley


"My partner Patrick and I have always been invested in our neighborhood. We love the culture of Northeast Minneapolis, and have always enjoyed being so near to the Mississippi River. Patrick opened his business here in 2003, and I started a collaborative, socially-engaged arts organization here, serving on our neighborhood board. 

Our first ecological investment in Northeast was to install - with the help of Metro Blooms - a rain garden that mitigates pollution from rainwater run-off. We continue to live conscientiously and purposefully in all the ways we can.  

The day came that we had extra money to give to an organization that reflected our values and lifestyle. We chose to give a significant investment to Water Bar & Public Studio - because it is an interactive, collaborative enterprise that brings community, art, and environment together in service of water. 

It's important to Patrick and I to invest our money and our time locally, in the people, place, and environment we care for - and to support artists as leaders. We are doing all of that through Water Bar. "

Colin Kloecker