Dispatch from One Water Summit 2017

Thanks to support from ArtPlace America, we were able to participate in the recent One Water Summit organized by the nonprofit US Water Alliance. Shanai wrote a recap of our trip to the summit, and her participation in a new ArtPlace working group, in this post for the ArtPlace Blog. 

“At the US Water Alliance, we see arts and culture as an important way to connect people to water. We’ve seen how some of our partners are incorporating art and culture into their work and we wanted to find a way to fold this into our broader One Water Movement in a meaningful way. Connecting with ArtPlace and Water Bar has really sparked our creativity about what is possible,”                             — Radhika Fox, CEO of the US Water Alliance.

It was recently announced that the 2018 One Water Summit will be held here in Minneapolis-St. Paul, so there will be opportunities for other Minnesota artists and water advocates to take part. 

Colin Kloecker