Water Bar & Public Studio

water bar Pop-upS


Bring Water Bar to your community or event! A fun and meaningful way to build community around water and local ecology.

This award-winning public art and engagement project has served over 55,000 people across the United States. Water Bar has been featured at fundraising galas, public meetings, corporate retreats, public schools, community festivals, and other public and private events. We offer our pop-up and related services for hire. The fees we charge support our ongoing work to serve water at our Minneapolis storefront, and to develop new products and services that enable others to serve water where they live or work.

What is a water pop-up?

When you hire our Water Bar pop-up, we work with you and your organization to custom design an experience that meets your goals. We have a variety of different Water Bar set-ups, as well as additional activities to enhance the basic pop-up experience.

Fees vary depending on details and additional features. Use this form to submit an initial request, and we will follow-up within two business days to provide a quote.


Water Bar is one of the best ways I’ve found to engage with the public and have conversations about water.  The unique concept draws people in, gets them thinking about water, and helps them open up and share their thoughts and questions about water.  It’s a hit.
What a disarming and surprising way to entice strangers, who might be suspicious of booths that lecture about issues. Through this intriguing invitation, the Water Bar prompts people to really taste water, to savor it on the tongue - in some ways, to taste water for the first time as a fully aware experience. This simple bodily experience prompts people to think, to talk, to reflect on where water comes from and why it matters. These conversations lead to more awareness, more savoring and valuing of water, our precious resource. By creating this eco-social experience, Water Bar helps to create a more informed citizenry, more water stewards and water warriors.
— Colleen Sheehy, Executive Director, Public Art Saint Paul