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We can't #ServeWater without you.


We serve water to build relationships that activate and sustain community — join us!

Water Bar began as a pop-up project led by two public artists. In just 3 years, this unique public project has traveled across Minnesota and the United States, directly engaging more than 55,000 people in conversation and collaboration on the importance of water to our lives, places, and communities.

Visitors to Water Bar leave inspired and equipped to connect with water resource organizations and issues, taking creative and collective action in their own communities. 

In addition to serving thousands of public visitors, Water Bar has also engaged hundreds of artists, water resource professionals, students, research scientists, policymakers, and local residents as Water Bar Water Tenders — providing these individuals and their organizations a unique way to build capacity for creative capacity, and an ability to host conversations and collaborate across sector and in community.


5 ways to make sure water bar continues to make a splash:

1. Volunteer for a shift at the bar! We rely on our community of Water Tenders to keep Water Bar open, serving water to people across Minnesota and in our Northeast Minneapolis neighborhood. It's a fun way to have an impact! Click here to sign-up. 

2. Host a Water Bar pop-up, or hire Water Bar for your next creative project. As a business, we rely on earned income from creative services—like our Water Bar pop-up—which also provides a unique learning opportunity for our network of volunteers. When you hire Water Bar or request our pop-up, you are also supporting efforts to serve water in other places. 

3. Rent the Water Bar storefront for your meeting or event. We've got a beautiful community space, and we want to share it! Renting our space is another way to support space for other artist-led and community-oriented activities.

4. Invest in this unique artist-led social enterprise. We are public benefit corporation that serves water. Investors are critical to growing the reach and impact of Water Bar, supporting and sustaining innovation with funding and encouragement.

5. Give to the fundraiser for the Water Bar & Public Studio storefront. Investment at any level—whether its $50 or $5000—ads up to a base of support for the collaborative, community-focused work of Water Bar and our network of partners. Visit this fundraising page to make a tax-deductible donation! And tell your friends and colleagues why you are investing in Water Bar!

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