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Workshops & retreats


Group experiences designed to transform your relationships with water!

Water Bar now offers artist-led workshops and retreats for all types of businesses, organizations, and community groups. We’re also booking happy-hour “water tastings” for $25 per person! These hour-long engagements introduce water and culture topics through a tasting flight of tap waters—and each person who attends makes and takes a custom art print.

All of our workshops and retreats are led by visionary public artists and other local organizers, who help your group deepen knowledge and engagement with water and climate change issues, developing empathy and creative skills while building authentic community connections.

Scroll down to see some of our current workshop offerings, or send us note to learn more! We can custom design experiences to meet your group’s learning or engagement goals, and can add consulting services to help you strategize ways your business or group can better serve water!

Public Workshops


Core Workshops

Workshop - Happy Hour.png

Happy Hour Water Tastings - with Water Bar Artists & Partners

This fun group experience will build community among your staff or project team, while introducing important water issues and perspectives. You’ll taste drinking waters from a variety of places, hear compelling water stories, and learn about critical water issues. The cost for this experience is $25 per person, with a minimum of 10 people. For an additional fee, we can tailor this experience to themes chosen by your group.

We offer water tastings on local water sources and current water issues, as well as Mniówe (the Dakota version of Water Bar, led by our partners at Healing Place Collaborative) and Yo Mama’s Watering (W)hole (a water bar centering the stories of women of color, led by artist Amoke Kubat of Yo Mama’s House).

New themes and guest water tenders are added on a regular basis, so reach out if you’re interested in learning more!

Workshop - Art for Water.png

Art for Water Sampler - with Water Bar Artists & Partners

Is your group interested in working with artists and cultural organizations to deepen your commitment to water, environmental sustainability, or community concerns? This is the retreat for you!

You’ll be led through a series of fun arts activities and in-depth conversations with artists and community partners, who will introduce ways that art and culture can transform water and environment work.

This retreat is offered as a half-day experience. You can make it a full-day experience by adding a half-day strategy session! Water Bar artists and special guests will help your organization develop strategies for serving water through arts and culture.

Inquire about pricing using this form.

Workshop - Felt Here.JPG

Felt Here - Exploring Stories of Women, Work, and Water

How can public art and storytelling spaces help to build relationships in the face of conflict over water issues?

This hands-on workshop introduces climate science research, local stories, and questions about the future of water in communities across Minnesota - with a focus on the overlooked stories of women.

Water Bar artist Shanai Matteson, social science researcher Roopali Phadke, and community partners will engage groups in facilitated discussion and storytelling, while we felt wool ‘taconite pellets’ and create original keepsakes that connect back to water, land, and practices of repair and regeneration.

This workshop is part of an ongoing collaborative public art project, Overburden / Overlook, that is launching in April 2019. Fees for this workshop vary, and support this work in rural Minnesota communities. inquire for details.

Workshop - Dakota Perspectives.png

Dakota Perspectives on Water - with Healing Place Collaborative

Did you know that Minnesota gets its name from the Dakota word for water, Mni? This half-day retreat will introduce your group to Dakota places and water stories in Mni Sota Makoce, through conversation and activities led by our partners from Healing Place Collaborative.

This workshop can be offered as a half-day or full-day experience at Water Bar, and can include travel to nearby places for experiential learning and storytelling activities.

We can work with indigenous-owned catering services to provide lunch for these and any of our workshops.

Workshop - Water Tending School.png

Water Tending School - with Water Bar Artists & Partners

Join the ranks of Water Bar Water Tenders, and practice serving water to build transformative relationships! This fun and informative workshop introduces the Water Bar alongside vital information about water sources and issues facing our communities.

Participants engage in storytelling activities as well as hands-on practice pouring and tasting water. By the end of this workshop, all participants will know their water sources, and will be ready to hop behind Water Bar at a future event!

Graduates of Water Tending School receive an artist-designed certificate and a Water Tender card that grants access to Water Bar toolkits, resources, and co-working space.

This half-day workshop is offered for $50 per person with a 10 person minimum.

Workshop - Prepare to Care.jpg

Prepare to Care - with Yo Mama (Amoke Kubat)

Imagine and plan your own 'Climate Emergency Bug Out Bag’ while swapping stories and survival strategies with artist and elder Amoke Kubat of Yo Mama’s House Cooperative. This climate solutions workshop focuses on ways that cultural storytelling, care for community, and mother wit can help us all prepare for climate change by building resilience from within ourselves, our families, and our communities.

This half-day workshop is tailored to the learning and engagement goals of your group, and is led by Amoke Kubat and other artists and mothers in her community.

Fees for this workshop vary, inquire for details.


Any of these workshops can be paired with a consulting session for your organization.

I really enjoyed the way the workshop hosted a larger conversation so I could practice my active listening skills, but also had elements where smaller groups could connect ... I thought it was extremely accessible and welcoming!
— Participant, Water Tending School Workshop

Details & Pricing

Fees vary depending on the format, duration, number of attendees, and other details. Please see our menu of current offerings for basic prices!

We also offer affordable happy-hour “water tasting” workshops for small groups. This group experience is perfect for those who want to check out the Water Bar together while getting an introduction to local water issues and stories.

Most of our workshops take place at our northeast Minneapolis storefront. Food can be catered in from a local restaurant for an additional fee. Discounted rates are available to community organizations. We can also bring most of these workshops or retreats to you!