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Serve water. Make connections. Create community.

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Volunteer Profile: Sarah Wolbert

"I love asking questions and learning random facts about everyday things. We can help ensure the quality and safety of water, air, and land by exchanging knowledge and other resources - that's why I serve water. Since 2014, my hometown Flint, Michigan has been hit with a water crisis that will continue to shadow the city for years. I am designing and refining Citizen Driven Infrastructure products and policies to ensure the safety and security of resources for the public, rather than private capitalist interests or compromised politicians."

- Sarah Wolbert, Designer, Water Bar Volunteer

Water Bar is staffed by volunteer bartenders - or Water Tenders, as we know them! Water Tenders work behind the bar at our Northeast Minneapolis storefront, and at pop-up Water Bar events across Minnesota. No special knowledge or training is required - and volunteers of all ages and areas of experience are welcome to sign-up! In spring of 2019, we will begin offering a Water Tending School for those volunteers who want to boost their water IQ & EQ!

What can you expect? Most volunteers serve water and share what they know about water, helping to make Water Bar a welcoming and engaging space for all. Some volunteers also contribute creative or technical skills, leading activities or projects out of the Water Bar & Public Studio storefront in Northeast Minneapolis. And some volunteers, who would rather not jump behind bar, help to tend the space in other ways.

The benefits of volunteering at Water Bar:

  • A fun and easy way build relationships and learn about water issues, while practicing public engagement skills.

  • Access to a network of other water professionals and advocates.

  • Access to collaborative work space in our Public Studio, and other creative resources.

  • Admission to volunteer-only programs, field trips, and special events.

Sign-up here! You'll receive our monthly Volunteer Dispatch, with upcoming opportunities to serve water at Water Bar, and to connect with other Water Tenders. There's no minimum commitment. You decide which volunteer shifts you'd like to work, and how often.

Can you volunteer with friends, or as a group? Absolutely! We love it when people volunteer to serve water together - and it's a great way to build community within your classroom, workplace, or organization. To arrange a group volunteer opportunity, contact Shanai [at] water-bar [dot] org or use our general contact form.